I designed a cover like LJ Shen

I’ve always made my own covers. When you self-publish and write serial fiction, I think photoshop is one of those skills writers should know. A pre-made cover can cost $50 to $100 or more depending on if you are getting a bundle for a series. And an original cover can cost anywhere from $100-$500 or more depending on how fancy of a designer you get. I’ve never tried selling my covers though. I thought for a long time because I didn’t have a degree in graphic design that meant I wasn’t professional or something. But I’ve come to realize that isn’t the case.

So I’ve started an etsy store where I am selling my covers. https://cambriacovelldesigns.etsy.com.

And for one of my early projects, I tried to make a cover similar to LJ Shen. She writes contemporary romance that’s usually pretty dark and has always been one of my favorites. Her covers always catch my eye when I’m looking on kindle, and so I thought hers would be a good place to start.

This is LJ Shen’s cover for her book, Angry God.

This is the cover I created trying to make it in a similar style.

What do you think? Did I create a similar one? And if you like my work, it along with several others are available for purchase in my etsy shop.

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