Kindle Vella: Week 13 Wrap Up

I didn’t update for two weeks. This week, I was too excited for the writers conference I was going to. I was too busy working on The Wolves of Glacier Falls. I’ve hit 31 k on there, or 31,000 words. It’s going to be for Dreame. I worked on everything but The Anointed. My Dreame stories have been what I’m focusing on because I am actually encouraged by the numbers I see there compared to kindle vella. I almost feel like you have to have serval stories on there to have any progress but its hard to tell because its still so new.

There was too much going on and I just felt like there was one thing I had to let go. I’ve got to get back on track with a lot of stuff. The class that I’m taking. The end of the year approaches as October gets closer to the end and it just seems to go faster and faster and its easier to forget stuff.

That said, it was so lovely to go to the writers conference even if it was on Zoom. It’s always nice to get to talk to other people in the industry and people who understand exactly what it is you do. I received positive feedback on the magic school story that I’m working on so I am going to keep working on that.

I actually wrote a completely different opening scene yesterday instead of what I submitted. Then, I ended up getting ANOTHER idea for an opener. Oh, the joys of rewriting.

Week 14 it will be back to the regularly scheduled program. Updating The Anointed. Working on the UX design certificate. Getting back into gear. I feel like when fall comes around, things get colder, and you just get lazier because all you’re trying to do is staying warm. And that is kind of where I’m at this week. But I’ll get back on track and hopefully everything else will too.

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