Kindle Vella Week 10

Come one and come all to Kindle Vella Week 10! We are now in the double digits. Two months, in week terms, have gone by. Here is what has happened in that time:

I finished To Aurum With Hate, which ended up being about 85 k thereabouts without authors’ notes in it. I just submitted it for finished status.

Dreame does this cool thing where you get paid for 1) submitting a work that gets signed and 2) actually finishing said work. It varies, I believe depending on how much you end up writing but don’t quote me on that because contracts are LONG.

To Aurum With Hate stats are, currently: 3.320 k reads, 962 follows, and 90 episodes give or take an author’s note put up because I’m an idiot who accidentally posted a chapter twice and COULD NOT for the life of her figure out how to delete said chapter. Despite being on there since 2018.

I posted the Kindle Vella stats yesterday and they have not changed.

Meanwhile, I am writing my 13th book for Dreame and my 6th book in the Royals and Rebels series. It is at 14 k, or 14,000 words, and is centered around France. Specifically Versailles, and an alternative history where the French royal family is not dead. There also might be a ghost. Or might not be. Ahem.

And I will also go into deep prep mode for the conference I am going to on what I am calling the “Magic School Book”. Won’t go into more detail than that, because I’m obsessed with it and am hoping the editor that is reviewing work there will actually like it. Fingers crossed.

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