Kindle Vella Week 3 End

Things I did differently this week on Kindle Vella:

  1. Posted new episodes three times this week. I am trying to do some more writing so I have a back log again but its hard to be happy about a story no one seems to be paying attention to when I’ve got at least two other platforms I could post it to. So.
  2. Haven’t had any reads yet. Its really disheartening, especially since over this week my readers on Dreame on To Aurum With Hate went from 798 to 812. Again, Dreame has been around for three years and I’ve been on there for three years so people actually know about it. Kindle Vella, not so much.
  3. I filled out the little survey they have and told them I thought they should let there be ten episodes that are free instead of just three. On Dreame, my editor actually lets me PICK how many episodes I want to be free so I can pick like a cliff hanger or something which with only three chapters, that might not actually happen.
  4. Sobbed on the phone to my Mom about feeling inadequate and not good enough and being super frustrated with it. She knows how much I really wanted this to work, and she’s always a good ear to vent to. Felt horribly about my career choice and looked at possible job skills I could learn for free on coursera. Hyperventilated. Cried a lot.
  5. Watched Ted Lasso seasons 1 and 2 and felt the briefest bit of hope watching Teds relentless optimism and have now developed a WEE bit of a crush/obsession with Brett Goldstein as Roy Kent and the whole of the Richmond football team. But we’re not going to talk about that. So.
  6. Sobbed again last night and wrote this blog today.

In conclusion: I don’t know. I just know I’ve got to keep on trying, right?

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