What I’m Listening To: Folklore by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swifts last two albums, Reputation and Lover have been decidedly Pop. If Reputation was the storm, Lover was the sunshine that comes after it. Folklore is decidedly different from Swifts previous two albums.

There are no media headlines to speculate, no gossip or drama. Just Swift, her guitar, and her weapon of choice — the pen, crafting beautiful, soft indie folk style songs.

Folklore still has Swifts standout songwriting, but it is its own thing entirely from her past albums. There is none of the trademark synth pop 1980’s style, sweet, catchy pop that listeners have come to associate with the singer.

This is a songwriter matured, discussing things like young love forgotten, moving on from relationships, women’s anger, and a multitude of other things. It is a soft, album, perfect for hard times.

Swift has reinvented herself again, departing from the Pop Singer of her twenties by returning to her roots. And found the truest version of herself. The songwriter, with a guitar.

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