Looking to Score by Carrie Gray and Coralee June

Looking to Score is a steamy, New Adult romance by Carrie Gray and Coralee June. It tells the story of Amanda Mathews, a college senior determined to graduate early. Her plans might be deterred, however, when her internship gets switched last minute to one involving the University’s football team. Amanda finds herself having to babysit star athlete Oakly Davis, a playboy with a penchant for flashing his junk all over instagram and drunken escapades. Since Oakly is used to being in charge, he is not at all happy about having someone watching his every move. But as Amanda and Oakly get to know each other while she keeps him out of trouble, and he gets her into it, sparks fly between this would be PR Assistant and football star.

Looking to Score is the perfect cute, sexy summer read that you’ve been waiting for!

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