Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw

Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw tells the story of Nora Walker. Teenager Nora Walker lives in the Wicker Woods, surrounding the small town of Fir Haven. Her family is known for having a long line of witches, each of her ancestors with an unusual gift except for Nora herself who doesn’t seem to have one yet. One winter, a boy from a nearby camp—Jackjaw Camp—-goes missing. When Nora finds him, she also finds a web of secrets including a dead boy and its up to her to find him before he gets claimed by the woods too. The book follows Ernshaws trademark gothic style, and is similar in vein to her first novel, The Wicked Deep. That said, compared to her fist novel, Winterwood seemed slightly more predictable. Although it was still told in that expert style of hers, and was definitely worth the read just for the execution of it.

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