What I’m Reading: Splendid by Julia Quinn book 1 in The Splendid Trilogy

The first book in The Splendid Trilogy tells the story of American Emma Dunster as she is shipped off to England to visit her cousins in an attempt to marry her off to a rich Lord. While dressed up as a maid one day, Emma meets the acquaintance of one Alexander Ridgeley, a charming, arrogant rake in true Quinn fashion. At first, Alexander thinks Emma is a naive maid that he might be able to seduce and have fun with. But when she is brought in his path again, Alexander has some trouble between if wanting to seduce her or marry her or both once he realizes she is an elegant lady of fortune. As for Emma, she is decided against marrying a Brit, as she desperately wants to return home to America to help run her father’s shipping empire. However, the more time she spends with Alexander, the more she begins to wonder where her real home is. And if, maybe, she hasn’t found it with him. A cute romance that will make you smile at the end.


Summers With You available for free on Wattpad

I wanted to try my hand at writing a contemporary romance, and have decided to post it on wattpad.

Summers With You is a New Adult romance inspired by the Life and Death brigade in Gilmore Girls.

Gemma Grant is the daughter of Elizabeth Grant, a former rich girl who was kicked out of her parents house for getting pregnant at sixteen.

When Gemma gets a perfect score on her PSATS, she starts looking at a future possibly involving the Ivy League. To help her daughter, Gemma’s Mom reaches out to her grandparents for the first time in years asking to give Gemma the trust fund she never got to use for her own college experience. Reluctantly, the Grandparents agree, but on one condition: Gemma must marry the heir to Hawthorne Media, who Gemma’s mom was supposed to marry years ago and cost the family a considerable business deal.

To encourage the relationship, Gemma must spend summers with Charon Hawthorne, at the family’s summer home at a place called Sunflower Island. At first, Gemma thinks Charon’s aversion is to marrying the poor rich girl. But as Gemma gets to spend more time with him, she finds out the truth. The marriage isn’t about money. It’s about avoiding a scandal. With a secret society, a girl in a coma, and a sex tape.

Everyone has a price. And Gemma must decide what she’s willing to burn for or not.