Music to Write to: Bleachers ‘Stop Making This Hurt’

Chances are, if you’ve heard pop music within the past decade its been a Jack Antonoff song. Maybe not necessarily sung, but produced by. Antonoff has teamed up with everyone from his notable partnership with Taylor Swift, to Lorde to Lana Del Rey and to many more to name.

He is a certified audiophile, who both loves playing and making music. But prior to jumping into the producers seat he was known for his band Bleachers.

Released last week, “Stop Making This Hurt” has everything you’d expect from an Antonoff song. Synth, nostalgia, and waxing poetic on an American dream that doesn’t exist. Oh, and a saxaphone. It sounds exactly like something that should be played on the little jukebox at the diner that Antonoff so happily dances around in for the music video.