EBOOK arcs of to kiss an enemy

My second book comes out on February 28th. This is a stand alone, but it does have characters from The Capaldi Brothers series in it. If anyone would like an ARC please e-mail me at cambriacovell@outlook.com.

I was everyone’s dream girl. A teenage model who traveled the world and got everything she wanted. Everyone wanted me. Including Luca Capaldi, son of one of the biggest crime family’s in Boston. The trouble is that the fantasy everyone sees is not the reality I have.
I’m the illegitimate granddaughter of two of the biggest mafia dons on the east coast. I’m reviled as a dark, family secret to be forgotten about when they don’t need me and used and abused when they do. And both of them want to use me as a prize to get even more power. If they have it their way, I’ll become a pawn in their games. But I’m not a pawn. I’m a Queen. And I’m going to take the kingdom, and their golden boy down with it.
TO KISS AN ENEMY is book 2 in The Capaldi Brothers Series. It is a dark, standalone romance with an HEA and lots of heat. If you enjoyed book 1 in The Capaldi Brothers Series following Daniela and Niccolo, you’ll definitely enjoy Audrina and Luca’s story.