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I never expected to come back to Boston after my mother died. I spent my whole life trying to get away from the Capaldi family. The rich, corrupt, crime family that my mom had worked for as a made up until the night she was shot right before the end of my senior year by a stranger on the street. I spent several months with Giuseppe Capaldi as my guardian and he wanted me to marry his son, Niccolo. But I grew up with Niccolo hating me my entire life and there was no way I could be married to him. So I fled to Florida, to take care of my sick aunt. Now though that Aunt Luciana is dead, I am back in Boston trying to restart my life.
I never thought I’d come back here. I never thought I would let Niccolo Capaldi get close to me again since he hurt me so bad the last time. But this time—Niccolo says he’s different. That he’s in love with me and always has been. That he’s willing to fight for us. I spent years running from the darkness of the Capaldi lifestyle, but maybe it’s their shadows I needed to keep me safe from my mothers dark past. But can you ever really change a mafia son? I don’t know. But I think I’ve got to try.
A complete, full-length, Mafia Romance standalone in the Capaldi Brothers series.

Winter Break

It was the day before winter break. We stood in the school courtyard, the old, brick building casting long shadows on our faces. Our breath came out in puffs it was so cold out.
You were smoking a cigarette. “That’s a filthy habit,” I told you.
You smirked at me. “Give me something else to do with my mouth then, and I’ll stop.”
I coughed. “Like what?”
Your eyes were blue, and sparkling even though the sun was covered up by clouds. My heart pounded against my chest.
I licked my lips, and stared at yours. “Kiss me,” you said.
Then, I leaned over, and I pulled out a single, Hershey’s kiss from my pocket and I handed it to you. Your bare, freezing cold hands grazing mine as I did.
“Happy Holidays,” I said.
“Happy Holidays,” you said softly back, grinning, “maybe next year, I’ll get a real one from you.”
“Maybe,” I said softly.

Do you think rage tastes like blood?

Do you think rage tastes like blood? If it were a thing that you could consume, would it be coppery, bitter, and metallic? Something you wanted to spit out instantly?

I am so filled with it all of the time. If it were a food, they’d call me a glutton. And I wish I could toss it away, like left-overs gone bad.

But it’s an addiction to this feeling that comes over me like an angry god of ancient times, waiting for some innocent mortal to come down and strike for things that they unknowingly did. While not taking any of the blame myself.

Whatever rage is, I wish I could cut it out of me. It hurts too much to have it. And nothing to do with it.

Kindle Vella Again

So, a while ago I was documenting my experience with Kindle Vella. When it first started no one really knew it was out there. And it was cluttered with things like Role Plays and a bunch of other nonsense that I wasn’t quite happy with.

I’ve tried writing on Wattpad, and have started to understand the type of content that works there by reading as well as writing.

And so I decided to do the same with Kindle Vella. I read one of the serials which was actually Hot Vampire Next Door by Nikki St. Crowe. It’s a steamy adult paranormal romance novel and actually pretty fun.

So, now that I understood the tone and what was popular on there I decided to give it a try. I think with platforms like these it’s really important to write FOR the platform if you want to be successful. I don’t think literary fiction is going to be popular on something like kindle vella, unless maybe you were already an established audience.

I took this week to rework a story I had published on another platform a few years ago and published it on Kindle Vella. This one is called The Vampire Institute and it’s about a girl who signs up to be a blood donor for vampires. Of course, it’s a romance.

The first seven episodes are up now and the first three are completely free! If you were able to read Her Dark Love that is the story I reworked for this. Click the cover to go read or at the very least like to support!

Writing on Wattpad

I have mixed feelings about wattpad.

One, I feel it’s oversaturated by fanfic and kind of hard to make a name for yourself as a writer on there.

Two, despite being a platform for writers it took forever for them to offer a monetization process for them. And they still treat it by the old industry standards.

Three, there’s this misconception that if you write online instead of publishing fiction you aren’t a real author. Which is so far from the truth. But if you, like me, grew up just as technology was on the rise and the print medium was still popular, it’s sometimes a hard thing to get over.

I’ve never really seriously published something on there. I’ve put things up and then taken it down. But recently, I’ve decided to try publishing a contemporary romance there which is big on the platform. It’s called Finding Serenity.

I’m doing this because I read about an author that managed to monetize her writing by writing a free novel, and then publishing the rest through Patreon or kindle. She makes a full-time income doing this. I want to try to see if I can achieve the same results.

I’m all about serial publishing and publishing alternatives. And I feel like this a good experiment. So, if you want to follow along, I am windermerepoets13 on wattpad.

Also going to be talking about my experience on here.

I hit 74 k on the magic school novel!

Hello everyone! I’ve had some life changes going on recently which is why I haven’t really been updating. But since my last update, I’ve made a considerable chunk in The Magic School Novel that I’ve been working on since I went to the writer’s conference last October. I’m actually quite pleased with where it’s going.

There were some themes I was writing about in The Anointed which was by Kindle Vella project that I just think I’m doing a better job on with this version. The Anointed is still up, and you can still read it, but I won’t be finishing it because of this particular project.

I’m also still writing serial fiction for Dreame. My most recent novel with them is The Wolves of Glacier Falls and it’s currently free right now but I am SUPER close to getting to 500 followers on that story. Once I hit 500, I can add it to the pay-to-read program with them which means I will get ROYALTIES!

So if you’d like to go support that please be sure to download the Dreame app and search for my stories under Cambria Covell. I’ve got thirteen on there all together so find me there! I’ve also been sharing my art over on tiktok so if you’d like to see that you can follow me there too.

But I’m obsessed with The Magic School Novel I’m working on. And I wanted to give an update on it. I’m hoping to finish it soon and I really can’t wait to start sending it out.