What I’ve Learned writing on wattpad

Wattpad is THE social media platform for writers. Over time, it has even published its own works and offered a paid program for writers. However, the platform itself is tricky to learn especially because there aren’t a lot of people that talk about wattpad.

Wattpad tends to gear towards a younger audience. A lot of the writing on there is fanfiction, even launching the career of Anna Todd, who famously wrote the After series which was about Harry Styles.

One of the things I struggled with in understanding the platform was ranking. One day, I would be number 4 in like deception and then the next number 138 in suspense just as examples. The way Wattpad ranking works is it shows the most impressive ranking out of the tag that has the most stories in it.

So say there are 6,000 stories in comedic romance but you’ve also tagged your story as comedy and there’s only like 2,000 in there it will show where you are ranking higher. Complicated, right? It took me a while to figure out but just something to think about if you start writing on Wattpad.

Also, the more active you are, the higher you’ll rank. So if you’ve only got one book on there, you might not see much activity. But if you’ve got like 5 or more, then you’ll see more activity. Wattpad, like any other social media platform, is all about CONTENT.

Fandom is also a great way to get readers. So if you do write fanfiction, maybe try posting some on there and then post some original work. It’s a great way to actually get an audience especially if you are a beginning writer.

Plus, it’s totally normal now for fanfiction to actually get published by normal publishers. Also, it’s a great way to teach yourself to write novel-length fiction if you haven’t done it before.

Oh—-and don’t be afraid to check out my free, New Adult Contemporary Romance on there, “Finding Serenity”.

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