Writing on Wattpad

I have mixed feelings about wattpad.

One, I feel it’s oversaturated by fanfic and kind of hard to make a name for yourself as a writer on there.

Two, despite being a platform for writers it took forever for them to offer a monetization process for them. And they still treat it by the old industry standards.

Three, there’s this misconception that if you write online instead of publishing fiction you aren’t a real author. Which is so far from the truth. But if you, like me, grew up just as technology was on the rise and the print medium was still popular, it’s sometimes a hard thing to get over.

I’ve never really seriously published something on there. I’ve put things up and then taken it down. But recently, I’ve decided to try publishing a contemporary romance there which is big on the platform. It’s called Finding Serenity.

I’m doing this because I read about an author that managed to monetize her writing by writing a free novel, and then publishing the rest through Patreon or kindle. She makes a full-time income doing this. I want to try to see if I can achieve the same results.

I’m all about serial publishing and publishing alternatives. And I feel like this a good experiment. So, if you want to follow along, I am windermerepoets13 on wattpad.

Also going to be talking about my experience on here.

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