I hit 74 k on the magic school novel!

Hello everyone! I’ve had some life changes going on recently which is why I haven’t really been updating. But since my last update, I’ve made a considerable chunk in The Magic School Novel that I’ve been working on since I went to the writer’s conference last October. I’m actually quite pleased with where it’s going.

There were some themes I was writing about in The Anointed which was by Kindle Vella project that I just think I’m doing a better job on with this version. The Anointed is still up, and you can still read it, but I won’t be finishing it because of this particular project.

I’m also still writing serial fiction for Dreame. My most recent novel with them is The Wolves of Glacier Falls and it’s currently free right now but I am SUPER close to getting to 500 followers on that story. Once I hit 500, I can add it to the pay-to-read program with them which means I will get ROYALTIES!

So if you’d like to go support that please be sure to download the Dreame app and search for my stories under Cambria Covell. I’ve got thirteen on there all together so find me there! I’ve also been sharing my art over on tiktok so if you’d like to see that you can follow me there too.

But I’m obsessed with The Magic School Novel I’m working on. And I wanted to give an update on it. I’m hoping to finish it soon and I really can’t wait to start sending it out.

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