I hit 40k on the new novel

So, last year in December and November I went through a lot of changes. I quit doing the Kindle Vella thing because I was so disappointed with the results. I also decided that I was going to focus on traditional publishing again after meeting with an editor and pitching an idea that I’ve been working on since 2018.

I’ve focused on writing this novel instead of any other projects aside from my Dreame fiction which is the only place I’m making money right now with my writing. This is the first time in a long time I’ve been attached to an idea long enough to write it the traditional way. You know, write, and then edit, and then submit a million times to try and get it published.

I’m not going to say much about it except that it is fantasy and involves a magic school.

I decided to focus on traditional publishing because I realized I don’t think I’ll be able to get to where I want by self-publishing. I don’t have a wide enough audience. Plus, this time will be different. I’m not a 20 something without a single published book to her name. I’ve got thirteen books published.

I’m convinced that this time it is going to be different. I know a lot more about writing and I’m excited to see where this is going to go. So, I’m going to be updating you on my progress and hopefully, you’ll follow along. Let’s see if I can get traditionally published shall we?

I hit 40 k or 40,000 words on this project and I am super excited. It’s something I have always wanted to write but was hesitant to do because I didn’t want it to be like the million magic school books that are already out there. But I think I’ve finally found a way to make this one mine. And I can’t wait to finish it and find a way to get it out in the world.

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