Kindle Vella Week 16 Wrap up

I dropped the ball. The holiday season is upon us. It is getting colder. It has already started to snow where I live, which means I spend all day in a cold apartment doing my “real job” and by the end of the day, I have no motivation. On top of which, I ended up with a sinus thing and was out of commission for about two weeks.

I can finally breathe through my nose again. Miracle of miracles. The thing about winter is that once it comes, I lose all motivation and I have no energy to do anything. I keep on convincing myself I need to update, and that I want to update, but my heart isn’t in it.

I’m excited about other projects at the moment but trying to get excited about a book no one is paying attention to on a platform no one is paying attention to is extremely difficult. Perhaps if I updated more, that might change things. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll sit down on my day off and do a hardcore writing day for The Anointed and schedule my chapters several weeks out. Who knows?

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