Kindle Vella, Week 16: disillusionment with the platform, and my biggest month on Dreame

This is such a weird thing to be writing. When Kindle Vella originally launched, I was SO EXCITED. I thought: okay, this is it. This is going to provide writers a way to have a platform that makes money online. It’s not going to have any costs associated with it and its going to democratize the publishing industry.

16 weeks in, and I have been so annoyed with the program that I literally didn’t update for an entire month because I saw no point. It’s not that I don’t care about the story I am writing or think its not good enough or whatever. I have success on other platforms, so clearly I can do this.

That’s the thing of it though. I have success on other platforms.

I’ve been on Dreame for three years, and I finally had my biggest month on there. My stories are finally earning decent payouts. People are reading my stuff.

Meanwhile, I am putting time and effort into the story for a platform I so desperately want to believe in that just hasn’t delivered. As far as I know, there is still no app. Nothing that makes kindle vella stand out for people to find it unless you are a writer.

Lets be honest. Why would people look for serial fiction they have to pay individual episodes for, when they can download full books on kindle for free? The program set up is messed up and as of right now, kindle vella doesn’t even HAVE a kindle option.

If being part of the kindle program were an option, it might make a difference. But it isn’t as far as I know.

I still want the program to succeed. I would like for my work to succeed on there. But as of right now, my plans for future novels involve publishing and growing on Dreame unless there are dramatic changes.

If you are a writer looking for a non traditional publishing platform, you might try Dreame as well. Dreame itself is heavily romance themed but Dreame is run by Stary LTD Publishing and they have sister websites like Ringdom and a few others that you can submit a variety of things to.

They also have contests and writing classes all done online. The contests are great because you can win publishing contracts, covers, and money as well as exposure on the website. I haven’t participated in the writing classes because that isn’t really my jam. I like learning, just in person when its offered.

Am I still continuing with this project? Yes. But I’m not nearly as excited as I once was and I’m not too worried about updating on a specific schedule because of lack of interest. In fact, I think I have more people reading my blogs on kindle vella than actually reading my story on kindle vella.

But Dreame has an app. And a website for its writers. And a community. And it doesn’t feel like wasted time when I post on there. So for now, if you are looking to publish serially, give Dreame and its partner websites a try.

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