Kindle Vella Week 14

No change.

Partly my fault. Partly….I don’t know. I was busy obsessing and prepping for the writers conference that I attended on Saturday and Sunday. It was good. It was on Zoom, and provided me with some insight on things I hadn’t thought about.

I’m working on a werewolf romance novel that is at 35 k, 35,000 words. I’m intent on putting it on Dreame. But the conference made me ask some very important questions about what I want to do as far as my career. So, who knows?

Maybe I’ll start submitting again.

I would like to think that someday, the internet will come up with a way for fiction writers to make a living online. I just don’t know that we’re there yet and I don’t know if Kindle Vella is going to be that program.

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