I Attended A Zoom Writers Conference

I’ve been going to the Authors of The Flathead Writers conference since I was in my 20s. I’ve participated in the writers group, Authors of The Flathead, on and off for about the same time. This year the conference was assembled on zoom.

It was all day, and everyone stayed in the same chat. I was a little nervous because I have to use Zoom for work and was worried it wouldn’t be has fun. I was wrong.

They had writers, agents, and editors of all kinds talking.

I got to meet with editor Chelsea Cambeis from BHC Press who gave me some really good feedback on the magic school story I’m working on. I get to listen to her talk tomorrow, and I’m super excited to see what else she has to say.

I was worried it wouldn’t feel as inclusive as it does because it was on zoom. But they actually did a great job keeping everything on track. Next year they are hoping to be able to do it in person and usually its at our local community college.

If you aren’t able to travel for whatever reason, consider finding a zoom writers conference. Even if you aren’t able to be there in person it is really nice to be able to listen to other writers and people in the industry. I’ve seen a few online recently besides Authors of The Flathead so if you can find one, definitely check it out.

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