Kindle Vella Week 12 wrap up

Confession: I didn’t post an update this week for The Anointed. Why didn’t I? I’ll be completely honest. I am focusing on a new novel I’m writing for Dreame. In fact, I’m focusing a lot more on my Dreame stuff. I’ve talked about Royals and Rebels book 6, which yes is still in the process of being written.

But I’m also working on another project, The Wolves of Glacier Falls.

Werewolf novels are extremely popular on Dreame. I wrote a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood called The Red Cloak Girls with a werewolf spin, and at the moment, it is my top earning story on there. There is one author on there that got enough reads that Dreame/Stary did a special, printed version of the story.

Right now, I find myself encouraged by the place where I am seeing growth. On Dreame, I am continually getting paid, and seeing growth. It’s really hard to be excited about a platform where there isn’t much happening with it. And if my hits on Dreame are any indication, it’s not my writing that is the problem. Ahem.

I know what you’re thinking. “But Cambria, if you skip writing weeks won’t you lose what little audience you have?” Honestly, I’m not even sure if I have an audience on kindle vella. I know there have been readers and I’m pretty sure it’s mostly people that read this blog, which I thank you, lovely readers. But not a lot of people seem to be seeking my stuff on there.

Granted, I only have one story on there, so maybe that is it. But I didn’t feel too bad about skipping an update and focusing on a new project that will bring me more income then the one on there is right now.

In fact, I have written 22. k words (22,000 words) of The Wolves of Glacier Falls. With my roughly 1,000 words a chapter that puts me at 22 chapters.

I did say that I was going to give Kindle Vella a year, exactly. I would finish The Anointed and try writing other stuff on there. But you know….it’s not encouraging when even the company that created it isn’t talking about it, ANYWHERE.

That said, if you haven’t checked The Anointed and dig fantasy romance, please go check it out. The first three episodes are free, and every read helps me continue on with this project.

Also: MY WRITERS CONFERENCE IS THIS SATURDAY! I get to have an editor review some of my stuff, so fingers crossed it goes good. And don’t forget to check out my stuff on Dreame too. Royals and Rebels has five books in the series, each one focusing on a different prince and love interest. And The Red Cloak girls only has one book at this point but it might have more.

I also thought I would update you on the top reads for Kindle Vella right now, which haven’t changed in the month of October.

  1. The Marriage Auction by Audrey Carlan Romance/Action Adventure
  2. Demon Accords Beginnings by John Conroe Fantasy/ Science Fiction
  3. The Life by Jordan Silver Romance
  4. The Galatian Exchange by Pepper Pace Science Fiction/Dystopian

Congratulations to everyone that is making kindle vella work! May the force work its magic on the rest of us too. 😉

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