Kindle Vella Week 11 Wrap Up

Oh, the joys of real life. My work stressed me out so much I went job hunting. Had an interview and the whole deal. It wasn’t remote, and fortunately I talked with my manager and there was a misunderstanding between us. But. Stress is not fun and the Kindle Vella frustration is real.

That said, it’s October, and I’ve got the writers conference where I’m meeting with an editor. And I’ve got Royals and Rebels book 6 I’m working on and a new series called The Wolves of Glacier Falls.

Werewolf fiction is really popular on Dreame, and I wrote one recently and it seems to be really popular. So I wanted to write another and see how it does.

There hasn’t been any magnificent increase or anything. I’m still writing and still hoping that eventually it gets the notice I’d like. Ah, the exciting life of a Kindle Vella writer.

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