Kindle Vella Week 11

Okay. So, week eleven of kindle vella. What does this look like? I’ve got more free time to focus since I don’t have any contracts with Dreame right now. To Aura With Hate is finished, and I’ll be getting my completion bonus for that soon.

I am working on Royals and Rebels book 6: The Phantom Prince which will take place in France. However, that hasn’t gotten a contract yet and I’ve not posted any of it so I can take my time to post it. I am actually trying really hard to finish it before I post it and to post my writing on a schedule. So, we’ll see.

The Anointed is the main thing I am working on right now though. Since writing my post yesterday, it has actually increased its likes by one whole point. But every number matters, right?

16 thumbs up, and 5 follows!

October is coming and I also am working on a magic school novel for a writers conference I am going to. I get to have an editor look at that one and I’m excited. I’ve grown a lot as a writer since the last time I went, and as a person so hopefully things will turn out better. Fingers crossed.

Conferences are really more about finding out where you are at as a writer than getting signed. I know it happens, but it’s not probably what is going to happen unless maybe you’ve been to a million of them and have a big following or something. The best advice is to go and learn as much as possible, which is all I’m hoping for at this point. If anything else happens, that would be cool. But I’ve been around the block enough that I’ll just be happy as long as I’m not told to never write again or something.

I also put up a CV on Clear Voice for my writing projects and am hoping to start doing some freelance writing gigs. We’ll see what happens. The world is my oyster, right? Anything could happen.

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