Week 9 Kindle Vella Wrap Up

I didn’t update The Anointed this week. One, Tuesday was my 31st birthday. Two, I had some personal stuff going on that kind of put me in a weird funk. Three, I’ve become obsessed with Royals and Rebels book 6. It’s always nice starting to work on a new project. There are no walls. You aren’t screaming at your computer. There is plenty of room to change.

That said, The Anointed is slowly gaining progress.

The stats for this week are: 15 thumbs up, five follows, and one episode read.

Nothing huge, but it is growing slowly but surely. I am nearing the end of To Aurum With Hate. In fact, I will probably write the ending of sometime this next week.

Then, in October, I’ve got the Authors of The Flathead Writers Conference. Which means I am going to be focusing on my project for that which I am simply calling “Magic School Book” on this blog.

Here is to hoping some magic rubs off on me, and things go well with my editor meeting! A girl can dream can’t she?

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