Kindle Vella Week 9

I wish I could have something more exciting to say going into week 9. As it is, the only thing exciting about week 9 is that I turn 31 tomorrow Tuesday, September 14th, and I had cake for the first time in months since my other side project is losing remote work weight. Weirdly, I’m more excited about the possibility of starting a new Dreame project then what I’m doing with Kindle Vella simply because the numbers have been lack luster.

To Aurum With Hate is almost finished on Dreame, and I’m starting book 6 in a series I’ve been working on since 2018 called Royals and Rebels. The book takes place in France and involves a ballerina and the Prince of France falling in love in the midst of some political intrigue.

I’ve also done something unusual and switched the narrative of the books. Normally, the books are first person narrative switching different perspective as I go. Because of the serious nature in the books though, first person didn’t feel right.

Instead, I’m writing it in a third person narrative. It shouldn’t make that much of a difference but I think my writing takes on a different quality when I do this. So, that was another reason for the switch too.

I also continue to have problems with the comments on Dreame. I can only view them on the app, not the website, despite my contacting both tech support and my editor about the issue. I was told to use the app but sometimes the app doesn’t even show them. So.

Oh well, I guess it’s motivation for me to continue on with the UX class right? Speaking of which I am on week five of the second course I’m taking. Today, I took the second quiz, which was complete hell but after five tries I managed to get a 95%!!!!

The goal—assuming there are those that don’t know—-is to teach myself to do the fancy app stuff and create an app for writers that actually works. I feel like there’s not enough balance between the social and the writing part and that is why most apps fail to get mainstream.

Unless you count Wattpad, but I feel like they are only known because they were sort of the first of their kind. Not to knock it but there have been several out there since its creation and nobody ever talks about them, so. Dreame. Webnovel. Anystories. Radish.

I might come off as super judgey about these things but I desperately want to create the standout platform for fiction writers. I know it can be done but no one has tried it the way I think it needs to. Which is saying something, considering Amazon has even gotten into this serial fiction game.

There is potential there. And who knows? Maybe next year, I’ll be celebrating not only my birthday but the app being successful too.

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