Kindle Vella Week 8 wrap up

I keep on waiting for something drastic to change on these. To get a lot of follows, to have a lot of reads. SOMETHING. The frustrating thing is that at this point I have no way of knowing if its because no one knows about Kindle Vella. Or about me. And by me, I mean the story.

With Dreame, I’ve already got an audience. Also, they have an actual app and not just the website. I would like to say that there has been a change in the numbers but the numbers have stayed the same. I reported them earlier in the week, I believe, so you can find them there.

Here is something positive: I am SUPER close to finishing To Aurum With Hate, and my opening pages for my project for the writers conference. And I am starting a new book for Dreame.

Royals and Rebels book 6 will be my thirteenth book with them and my 6th book in the series. Each book is a stand alone, with one universal big bad being The Guillotine. It’s going to be set in France. So I’m excited to be working on that now.

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