Prepping A Series Sequel

I’ve been writing Royals and Rebels since 2018. The first book I wrote, The Queen of Coleum, introduced the world that I’ve since built up. It begins with a revolution and interweaves the politics of different countries followed by a lot of teen angst and romance.

Initially, I intended only to write one for England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. As I grew more invested in the series I realized there was a lot of potential there.

  1. To learn about different countries more
  2. For many, many more books

While each book can be read individually, the big bad is a group known as The Guillotine determined to destroy monarchies. So, who the villain is really depends on who you talk to. Ahem.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I revisited the series as a whole. And I do this thing where I introduce characters from future books in them. So, if there is a Prince in there, you can bet that he will be in another book. And I usually introduce his love interest or make mention of her.

I went through and read my old work as a means of prep. Believe it or not, authors can’t remember EVERY piece of information they ever wrote. Also I went and created powerpoints for each of the books so I had a way to keep track of important things. I.E. character ages, descriptions, important plot points.

Also by re-reading the series, it gets me pumped to write the new one. I write Royals and Rebels on Dreame and its perfect for the platform because romance does really well on there.

As I finish To Aurum With Hate, I am looking at started my thirteenth book on Dreame and my SIXTH book in Royals and Rebels the series. Pretty crazy.

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