Things I wish Kindle Vella had

So if you don’t know, I’ve been working on getting my UX Design Certificate through with Google. I’ve done this as my “backup plan”. I have an associates in political science, and I thought about finishing my degree but 1) school is EXPENSIVE and 2) my priorities changed as far as what I wanted.

I bring this up because I’ve written on a lot of serial fiction writing apps and have yet to find one that I’m totally over the moon with. Dreame is the closest, but even though I’ve been with them since 2018, I still have issues like not being able to see comments on there.

The point of this is that my ultimate dream (aside from being a full time, successful writer) is to create an app for writers to monetize their work. In taking my class, I’ve had time to think about things that I would like to see on Kindle Vella.

An author landing page. Specifically where readers can connect with writers to talk about their on going serials.

A messaging system so writers can respond to readers outside of comments.

A way to do a blog or a newsletter or both on there.

Rankings and top five categories for different genres.


An app version for both apple and android.

A way to link your social media pages.

A message board for the community to share their work and connect with other writers (which might already exist somewhere in Amazon—but specifically for Kindle Vella).

It would also be great if they did interviews with authors who wound up in the top ten that month.

For a community to grow online, it needs to have social aspects to it. It can’t just be write and post and maybe a space for a comment. Tomorrow will mark the end of 8 weeks. We shall see what is to come.

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