Kindle Vella: September Featured Stories

So back when Kindle Vella started a whole 8 weeks ago, the stories that were featured included a bunch of self-published authors with followings and, for some inexplicable reason, RPG games? I understand the correlation. Its creative and involves a lot of the same things that you do as a writer.

The thing is, that isn’t what the platform is for and it was so FRUSTRATING to see nothing but that in the featured section. When scrolling through books on Kindle Unlimited yesterday I was actually really pleased to see some choices from Kindle Vella popping up in the search engine without my looking.

Initially, I was so disgusted with the way things were being ranked I hadn’t looked back at the main page. BUT since we’ve started a new month I decided to take a look and see if anything had changed since then.

In case you haven’t looked at it yourself here is the Kindle Vella page on Amazon:

Top faved on kindle vella
Kindle Vella Featured

It seems that with Kindle Vella, likes help get your story to THE KINGS LANDING as I’m going to call the main page. The Anointed isn’t on there yet but who knows? Maybe in October? Only time will tell.

I was curious and looked up John Conroe whose got 22 published books already. Audrey Carlan had so many books I lost track counting them. E.A. Blackwell I couldn’t find much on but it seems that maybe they only write on Kindle Vella? And possibly are a popular painter? I’m not real sure.

I’m not surprised to see romance up there. Romance always does really well online. It’s why there are so many self-published authors in that genre. It’s addictive, and there’s always a million books in a series. And I’m actually a pretty heavy reader of romance. I go through a lot of periods where I binge read like twenty and L.J. Shen is my weakness.

But fantasy has always been my first love so I always HOPED I would find my audience there but who knows? I just love writing. Kindle Vella and I have yet to start a love affair yet but we’ve still got plenty of time.

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