What I’m Reading: Lore by Alexandra Bracken

Lore tells the story of teenage girl Lore aka Melora Perseous born into the dangerous world of Gods. A descendant of Perseus, Melora and her family were supposed to be trained to be warriors and vessels for the ancient greek gods. However, her family has lost their power and prestige. Melora as a young child becomes determined to regain it but after the mysterious deaths of her family, Lore finds herself forced to run from the only world she has ever known.

Alone in New York City, grieving the loss of her old guardian Gil, Lore uses the skills she was taught as a child to make a living as an underground fighter. One night, her childhood friend Castor appears, only he is different. He has claimed the power of the God Apollo by killing him during Agon, the time when Gods are forced to walk earth as humans, and is there to warn her that she is in danger from her old life.

Meanwhile, a dangerous new god has appeared that threatens not only Lore’s existence, but everyone’s.

Found by the Goddess Athena also, Lore is given an offer she can’t refuse. Align with her, and Lore can remain hidden from her old life that she’s tried so hard to run from. But even the deal with the goddess might not be enough.

What was great about Lore was that while there was a LITTLE bit of romance in it, it wasn’t the main focus. Bracken not only created a fully, fleshed society that was complex, she also created a heroine that was strong without being defined by only that.

While it does drag at some points, the book was filled with action and definitely kept my interest. A great read for anyone who loves Greek mythology.

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