Kindle Vella, Week 8

Week 8. If we go by weeks, I have now been doing this for two months now. Writing and posting on Kindle Vella with little success. I have decided that it might be the story. I considered making The Anointed a series, but I believe I am going to make it a one off. And then I’m going to try writing contemporary fiction.

Contemporary usually does a lot better online instead of fantasy. Contemporary is easy, because people don’t have to remember a million different things unlike with fantasy. Fantasy is better for books rather than writing serial fiction.

Books that I’ve seen do really well on serial platforms are romance, horror, and mystery. Things that keep you guessing and coming back. Fantasy does the same but there are so many plot points you have to have people remember making people come back every week to do get re-immersed in this world makes it hard.

Whereas with contemporary, there is not as much to bog a reader down.

To Aurum With Hate, for example, is a contemporary romance. There’s a little political intrigue but not enough to make things confused for people. Its stats continue to grow. Its now at 2.996 k reads, 913 followers, and still 80 episodes.

I’m going to finish The Anointed. And then I’ll be focusing on contemporary romance stories for kindle vella, and we’ll see how it goes. Both The Kissing Booth and The After Series were contemporary romances and got millions of reads.

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