Kindle Vella Week 7

The stats for The Anointed are as follows:

1 episode read, specifically episode 9

11 likes and three follows

To Aurum With Hate on Dreame in comparison:

Its my 12th serial with them. It has 2.874 k reads. 896 followers. And 77 episodes.

I know it’s only been a month and a half, but I really expected more from amazon. It’s such a big company and publishing is a huge part of it. I would be really curious to see how self-publishing on Kindle Unlimited compares to Kindle Vella numbers.

Kindle Unlimited is a program that has been around for a while and seems to do better.

That said, I started taking an app design course in hopes that maybe I can design a better app for writers to monetize. The way that its being done right now doesn’t work. Readers pay for episodes yes, but it needs to be a youtube based system.

Where its monetized by views or in this case reads and there could be advertisements placed on every episode or if you subscribe, you can get content without advertisements.

People are used to the content they read online being free and the way that Kindle Vella is right now I’m not sure its going to last very long. Especially because NO ONE seems to be talking about it. But, I’m giving it a year. And we’ll see what happens.

It’s all very up in the air. I do have my writers conference in October and a meeting with an editor where I’ll be pitching a book. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get to go traditional.

But I posted on a website called Sequel for a little bit and they ran into the same problems, making people by per episode. Which seems strange to me considering you can get whole books online for $1.99.

I know, I probably shouldn’t be knocking the service that I am trying to make a career from. But I feel that there is a better way to create an app for writers. And I desperately want to do that.

The publishing system, as it stands, makes it very, very hard to succeed in American publishing. Which means we are only reading not even half of the amazing voices in fiction that are out there that won’t give publishing a try because they don’t know how or think their book won’t “sell” whatever that means.

I want to create something that allows writers from all backgrounds to make it their profession. I honestly hope that amazon is the answer. I hope that after a year, the numbers will pick up, and Kindle Vella will turn into something fruitful for creators.

As it stands right now, Dreame seems to be the only real, viable option for writers to make money without investing thousands of dollars in self-publishing or having a big following on wattpad. They also have a fulltime writers program and contests and are constantly dedicated to their writers.

Kindle Vella so far just seems like a project that was launched without much thought given to it. Beyond comments, there is no way for readers to interact with the writer. No way to share your content on social. The internet has been around long enough, and developed a format, that things like this should be standard.

Followers are developed by the SOCIAL part of social media. If your program does not have that, it is awfully difficult to develop a following which is how people make money on the internet in the first place. But I will keep on posting, and writing, and experimenting. And we will see how it all goes.

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