Kindle Vella Week 6 Wrap Up

This week wasn’t much. It was a blur of making my way through the filmography of a one Ben Barnes aka Prince Caspian from Chronicles of Narnia and most recently The Darkling on Shadow and Bone from Netflix. All the meanwhile trying to finish To Aurum With Hate so I can work on some personal projects.

For anyone who knows about The Anointed, I name each of my episodes after song lyrics I think might fit the episode. It’s fun and something they used to do on One Tree Hill and I always thought it was cool.

Previously, I thought I had had my first read but it turned out to be my first LIKE. Which is entirely different then my first read. The Anointed currently has 9 thumbs up (which is what they call likes on Kindle Vella) and IT’S REAL FIRST OFFICIAL READ.

But here is the strange part: it wasn’t one of the free episodes. Nope. Or even, like episode four or something. It was episode nine. For episode nine, I used lyrics from Leonard Cohens Joan Of Arc. Specifically, ‘Myself I long for love and light, but must it come so cruel, and oh so bright?’

A very weird starting point to pick to read. But, whatever floats your boat reader. Its a win and I will take it.

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