Kindle Vella Week 5 Wrap up and Week 6 Start

Welcome back, dear readers! We have finished week 5 without very much applause or fanfare. Here are the stats for The Anointed going into week 6:

3 followers (one of which is me).

7 thumbs up.

0 reads.

You might be saying, but Cambria what about that excited post about having your first read? Well, it seems that a thumbs up and a read are two different things according to amazon. What I got was my first thumbs up.Although I’m still not sure how something can get a thumbs up without having been read first, but I do appreciate it either way. Also I was just excited the story had some attention at all.

In comparison: To Aurum With Hate which is not on Kindle Vella has 880 followers, 62 episodes, and is at like 2.2 something thousand reads. That said, I’ve got 12 stories on Dreame compared to the one on Kindle Vella. And I’ve also been working on To Aurum With Hate a lot more because I’m trying to finish it so I can focus on The Anointed.

I also have been avoiding doing the UX class I signed up for because I have hit a wall there with a project and a quiz I have to do. So. That’s where I’m at.

I also got an exciting e-mail from Webnovel, which is another serial fiction platform that pays. I’ve got a profile on there but I haven’t really done anything with it. Webnovel and Wattpad are two platforms that I think are really big and therefore, really hard to get a large following on unless you’ve been on there since the beginning. But they’re doing a contest and have a contract they sent to me and I’m kind of curious to see what their rates are compared to Dreame or Kindle Vella.

Which is another reason why I am working on finishing up To Aurum With Hate, because I want to try to write something for Webnovel and see how it goes. Got to keep my options open right?

I’m also prepping for the zoom hosted writers conference my Mom gifted me as an early birthday present that will take place in October. Normally, it’s hosted at our local community college but because of COVID, its going to be on zoom. Yet another disappointment because I thought when I first got it that it would be at the college and was excited to get out of the house. Oh well. Still cool to be going.

I’m writing something fantasy related for that and I’ve got an evaluation from an editor so who knows? Most of the time they just give you feedback and I’ve gotten some nice stuff over the years. I’ve done a lot of these though and the key is not to get your expectations up. If you walk in expecting to get a book deal, that is when you’ll walk away with A LOT of disappointment. However, as long as you walk out not being told that your work is a travesty, you’re doing good.

Other than that I have started a contemporary romance book about an author who has a fling with an actor that is starring in the movie version of her book. I’ve got about 5 k written and I’m still not entirely sure what I’ll do with that.

Lot of irons in the fire, as Rory Gilmore would say. Weirdly the most productive project I’ve got right now for me is this blog which I find strange. Who would have thought people would care so much about writing hit or misses?

I’m thinking of other entries I can do besides kindle vella pieces and I thought I would start looking at books that successfully made the transition from web series to books. The third movie in The Kissing Booth franchise recently came out and that famously started as a novel on Wattpad. I want to try and see if there are any common denominators in the books and figure out what makes them work so well for the internet.

Because I’m convinced the internet itself is an entirely different form of story-telling altogether. Which is why a story that works well online might not be something a traditional editor would pick up.

Think about how streaming services have changed how we consume media. Which didn’t happen until the internet. There’s got to be a correlation between the two, and I’m determined to figure it out.

The UX design class I signed up for is also part of my writing journey. We’ve got to do a project for the class, and mine is going to be coming up with a serial fiction app that allows writers to monetize with a youtube style format.

I want to make it possible for anyone who wants to be a writer to be a writer. There’s a million good stories out there that haven’t been told because there’s no “market” for it or whatever and I want to eliminate that. If the internet has proven anything, there’s a market for everything. And there’s room for all kinds of stories. And I intend to make a place where people can find that story.

Anyway, until next week.

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