Kindle Vella, Week 5 and Week 4 wrap up


Week 5.

Okay, wow. I won’t lie. I dropped the ball on these a little bit. Last week I was in a complete funk and just having an OH MY GOD I TURN 31 AND AM SO UNACOMPLISHED AND BROKE WHAT DO I DO FREAKOUT.

And I’ve been trying to get my certificate in UX design too. So. Yeah. Distracted. I don’t even know that I updated The Anointed and I do feel bad about that but. Things have been a little weird. And I’m sure my three followers, one of which is me, will understand.

So, where am I with week five and the end of week four?


The Anointed now has a total of two people following it besides me. So. YAY. It got its first read. ALSO YAY.

I’m focusing on two things at the moment. A UX design course with coursera through google that my Mom gifted me because I’ve been freaking out about my career a lot and thinking about different options. And creating a pitch for the writers conference I’m going to in October. Also gifted to me for by my Mom for my birthday which is in September.

So yeah, Kindle Vella fell through the cracks a little bit in the midst of my Michael The Architect earth-is-a-curse freak out. And the blog. Fortunately, nothing was regrettably pierced.

Rest assured, nothing life changing has happened over night. I am not on a late night show joking about my whirl wind success or talking about my weird fantasy novel that involves magical vaginas and ruining beloved fantasy book tropes.

In fact, what I’m trying to do right now is finish up the novel that I’m writing on Dreame so that I can focus more on kindle vella stuff. I’ve got a few different projects I want to write and that means not having anything else writing wise distract me. That said, I do still have a series called Royals and Rebels that I write for Dreame that I love writing and will continue to work on as I write kindle vella stuff. So. Lots of projects going on and not enough me and the blog fell through.

Oh well.

Week five. What is going to come? Who knows. Can’t wait and see.

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