Kindle Vella Week 3 start

So we’re on week three. No reviews yet. I’ve been adding more episodes. And I’m not sure at this point if its the book, the app, or me at this point. I’m going to keep on writing. And I’m going to keep on tinkering. I’ve started research for a new project. A mafia romance involving a study abroad trip.

I’ve been researching Russia for it. I’m certain my youtube history looks a little weird at this point. I watched a documentary on different generations of Russians. There was this little grandma that lived on her own in Siberia. She talked about skating, I think it was something like four miles, to get to school as a kid.

She still skates every day despite her age. And she goes ice fishing to get food. And she takes care of her farm animals all by herself. It was pretty remarkable actually.

It was also weird, because they talked about the Soviet era and it affects pretty much everything. Because to most Americans, its just something we talk about in a history book. But it must be very strange when you live in it and its still all around you.

And then there was another documentary I watched about young girls and the modeling industry in Russia. They showed little KIDS as young as nine at some of these modeling schools. And for women, its one of the best ways to get out and see the world and get connected to wealthier people, particularly men. They talked about the new generation of Russian women wanting more how there was something only like one generation difference from the women who grew up in the Soviet Union until now.

Its all kind of mind boggling. In the US, there’s a lot of focus on American history. You might get one World History class in high school. But it certainly doesn’t go into detail like this. For that, you’ve got to research yourself and I don’t think a lot of people do.

I remember I was writing a book that had to do with the Netherlands a while ago and I researched their history and was so baffled by how much I didn’t know. It would be impossible to know everything about every country I think. But I do love that writing makes it so I have an excuse to actually go and learn.

So, a new project to plan. To try out. It will be curious to see what genres emerge as popular as people continue to write and use the platform. What kind of authors have success if anyone.

Romance is a fairly popular genre. Most books that have gone viral on wattpad have been in either the romance category (After, by Anna Todd, and The Kissing Booth by Beth Reekles) or the horror category (see Light As A Feather by Zoe Aarsen which was also turned into a television series).

Right now, I haven’t made any kind of profit with the app. I’m not sure if I will but I am going to keep on trying. Meanwhile, I keep on getting followers on Dreame. I check my status daily to see what I’ve earned. And my followers on the current serial I’m working on for them, To Aurum With Hate, keep on going up.

And that is without any advertising or blogging or anything being done about it. Just by posting on the platform. Right now, the verdict on kindle vella is this: wait and see.

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