Why You Should Use Fiverr for Your Kindle Vella Serial Fiction Marketing

Self-publishing a print version of a book is estimated to be about $1,000 and that is if you don’t opt for extra costs like editing or a fancy graphic designer for the cover. With serial fiction, you are putting things out weekly, sometimes even daily. Extra costs like a fancy editor and an expensive graphic designer might not be possible.

This is why I turn to Fiverr. I have seen multiple youtube videos reviewing the Fiverr workers as if somehow because it costs less, the quality you get is inferior. But Fiverr actually provides a great way for freelancers to connect and even build up a client roaster. What’s more, its a great way for writers on a budget to get things they might not be able to afford elsewhere.

For instance, all of my book trailers have been made by Fiverr freelancers. The most recent one is for The Anointed, my Kindle Vella serial.

The grand total for this ended up being about $12.50, and was technically only five cents because I had a credit from a previous purchase I’d ended up cancelling just because of a timing issue.

I’ve also gotten inexpensive covers from Fiverr that still work remarkably well.

There is a misconception that something has to be expensive for it to be better and that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, you can get great quality if you just look in the right place. And Fiverr is a fantastic resource for the writer on a budget.

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