The Anointed launching this week on Kindle Vella

According to the e-mail I got from Amazon, Kindle Vella, the company’s new serial fiction platform is launching. I’ve been writing serial fiction since 2018 over on the Dreame platform and will be launching a new serial called The Anointed.

The Anointed tells the story of Eighteen year-old Minerva Berard, a young woman who is destined to give birth to a Chosen One. Or, a slayer of monsters and King in her country. But when a mysterious, dark haired stranger appears and steals Minerva’s first kiss Minerva’s destiny and purity are called into question. And Minerva must decide between what The Fates and The Gods want or what she wants.

The Anointed is Adult Fantasy Romance with explicit material. Updates will happen Monday and Tuesday. Right now the serial is launching with 24 episodes.

2 thoughts on “The Anointed launching this week on Kindle Vella

    1. Thank you! I actually really like writing serial fiction. I’ve been doing it for a while now, and it is a great way to get readers. I had initially looked into self-publishing but there’s so much that goes into start up you almost have to treat it like a business whereas with serial fiction, its more like keeping a blog only its a novel and it kind of goes back to how novels were originally read which is pretty cool too. 🙂


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