What I’m Reading: The Kricket Series Book 3: Darken The Stars by Amy A. Bartol

The final conclusion in The Kricket Series, Kricket Hollowell is in the hands of her enemy, Kyon. Now on her mother’s home planet, Kricket finds herself embroiled in treachery, war, and prophecy. One that only she can put an end to. Kricket has spent three books constantly chased and tortured all in the name of an interplanetary war that only she can see the outcome of. While the series does have some traditional, YA tropes—-a love triangle, orphan with a mysterious back story, prophecy—the last book is the one that sets it apart. Instead of Kricket being defined by destiny, Kricket defines her destiny herself in a way I totally didn’t see coming. And while the love story does keep you engaged, the love story is not the main part of Krickets story although they are were both done well.

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