What I’m Reading: Boston Belles book 3: The Monster by LJ Shen

The third book in The Boston Belles series tells the story of Sam Brennan, the son of notorious fixer Troy Brennan from LJ Shens Sparrow. If you know that when you read it, it just fleshes out the story. If you don’t, the story can still be read on its own. Sam Brennan is part of the Boston criminal underworld, thanks to his connection to his adoptive father. Sam’s work involves helping out the rich and powerful Fitzpatrick family with their “problems” whatever that might be from blackmail to scandal. And makes a little extra on the side to stay away from Aisling Fitzpatrick, the precious only daughter in the family. But when Aisling witnesses Sam’s “work”, the two become connected in a way dangerous to them both. And Sam realizes he isn’t the only one with secrets. Aisling has one of her own, one that might make her just as much of a monster as he views himself.
What’s great about Shens characters is they are the driving force of the novel. You come across one, and you instantly want their whole back story. She set up the universe beautifully in the first book The Hunter and continues it on with each additional sequel. The heroes and heroines are interwoven perfectly, and her world has become so built it is fun to see everyone cross paths with one another. Eagerly awaiting the next one!

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