What I’m Reading: Sea of Stars, The Kricket Series book 2 by Amy A. Bartol

The second book in The Kricket Series by Amy A. Bartol called Sea of Stars follows Kricket Hollowell as she tries to adjust to life after finding out she is a Priestess from an alien world destined to bring about ruin to the ancient houses from her world. When she refuses her intended consort Kyon from her mother’s home planet, Kricket inadvertently starts a war sending the planets scrambling for supremacy that only she can determine. After falling in love with Trey, the bodyguard sent to Earth to bring her back home, Kricket’s intended consort Kyon doesn’t take kindly to the rejection and weaves a path of destruction he won’t stop until he gets what he wants. Kricket with him. The book makes you fear for Kricket. Sometimes, in books where there is more than one “love interest” there is no clear hero. In the case of the Trey vs. Kyon debate, there isn’t really one. Kyon is gleefully unhinged, terrifying, and Trey just wants what is best for Kricket. What’s more, this book introduces Trey’s previous consort Charisma, and the author does a nice job of making her an actual person, and not just a mean girl or a plot point and you end up actually liking her. A quick, pleasing, page-turner of a read.

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