What I’m Watching: Loki The Series

Disney plus and its continuation of the MCU Cinematic Universe on streaming has been a joy to watch this year. First, with WandaVision and then again with The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Having launched June 9th, the first episode finds Loki after End Game. Loki is captured and put on trial by the Time Variance Authority, a seemingly all powerful organization dedicated to keeping time in order.

After all of Loki’s misdeeds on earth, Loki is captured, and put on trial. Agent Mobius (played by Owen Wilson) delves into Loki’s past and attempts to understand the reason for his past actions. It’s a clever gimmick to catch

When it is realized that there is another “variant” of Loki causing trouble, Loki is recruited to catch himself.

While the first episode will serve as mostly backstory for dedicated Marvel viewers, the cast itself does well playing off each other especially Hiddleston and Wilson.

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