Under Different Stars book 1 Review

Under Different Stars is the first book in The Kricket Series. Kricket Hollowell is an orphan, seventeen years old, and waiting for her eighteenth birthday so she doesn't have to worry about social services barging down her door.

The trouble is, a group of mysterious strangers have arrived, and are now chasing after her. Kricket finds out that she is not of this world, and that her parents had escaped from two, different planets. Both rivals in an ancient prophecy with her at the center. One wrong move and she could make them fall. And both of them want to use her for their own devices. The High Priestess powers that she was born with that could help destroy either side.

Kricket must choose between trusting the young soldier, Trey, that has helped her return home, or Kyon, who can offer her answers about her past and her mother. And powers she never thought she would ever have. Kricket must choose between love or power and both could make her fall. The question is how hard?

The book itself is a typical YA romance without much in the way of shock value but its fast-paced, the characters keep your attention, and both love interests make it hard to wonder who you should be rooting for.

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