Join Sequel

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been given the opportunity to join Sequel, a new writing community that will allow authors to monetize their stories by serializing their income. I’ve launched a new book with them, Her Dark Love, which is a vampire romance!

Young Lenora Loveless comes from a family that devotes their life to vampires. They donate their blood so that the vampires don’t hurt humans. Each Loveless is matched with a vampire, but when her sister runs away from her match, Lenora begins thinking of the human world outside darkness and blood. Then the human world comes to her in the form of a boy looking for her sister. Will Lenora let herself be drawn to the world she’s always dreamed about? Or will she give into Rhett Lacroix, the vampire that has always craved her? Only she can decide.

You can subscribe to read Her Dark Love here!

And don’t forget to join this new, dynamic space for writers and readers.

Love n’ stars,

Cambria Covell

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