Voting and car stuff

Went into town today while doing errands with my Mom. Initially, I was going to take my ballot into vote. But we got an early snow so the road was completely covered in ice. We saw a woman coming out of the DMV at City Hall and she nearly ate it on the ice. Mom didn’t want to risk it, so we went to the post office instead and I mailed in my ballot. She had already done hers, and took it in before the snow.

I waited, because I take forever to make a decision on things, and I wanted to make sure I actually knew what I was looking at when I voted.

Mom and I were going to go grocery shopping, and the car started to stall. It’s one of those H3 Hummers and has this traction feature that drains the battery if it isn’t working. So we sat on the side of the road for about an hour, waiting for it to work.

We were supposed to have AAA come and get the car, and my Step Dad was supposed to come get us. He did, but by the time he was there the car had started working again. So we went grocery shopping and got everything done.

Winter in Montana doesn’t have any sense of time, and we never know when its going to start or how long its going to last. It was miserably cold out, and I was very relieved when I got home and didn’t have to be in the car anymore. I’ve got asthma, so Mom sometimes helps me carry stuff up when we go grocery shopping because I’ve got to go up two flights of stairs and by the end of it I’m usually dying. There’s other issues around with that but…..

Anyway, I’ve done my civic duty and November 3rd is coming soon and I’ve got no idea what is going to happen. But at least I did my part.

Love n’ stars,

Cambria Covell

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