The Dirty Bookshelf: Brutal Heir by Eden O’Neil

Brutal Heir by Eden O’ Neil is a steamy, New Adult romance and the first book in the Court University series. A spin off of the Court High Books, the Court University series.

While you don’t have to have read previous books to enjoy the new series, other characters from it are mentioned. Brutal Heir focuses on Knight Reed, a rich university student who finds himself crossing paths with a girl from his childhood.

Greer, the girl whose Mom used to work as a maid in his house. When Greer’s parents get a job at the University, Greer is able to go to school there and the two meet again. To Greer, Knight is the rich kid from her nightmares who she witnessed kill a dog and got her Mom fired when she told on him.

When Greer appears, she comes right as Knight finds himself in the middle of a could be scandal. Knight uses her fear of him to keep her quiet but the two end up reconnecting in ways neither of them thought possible. But the secret that brought them together might be the one thing that drives them apart.

Sexy, dark, and a little twisted the book is a fun read. Five Stars.

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