What I’m Watching: Hannah Gadsby: Douglas

All I’ve been watching recently are comedy specials. I need a laugh. So, I turned to the comedians. Netflix has a whole slew of them. There’s been a lot of advertisements popping up on my instagram recently, and I saw a snippet of Gadsby’s and ended up laughing so hard I went and instantly watched the whole thing.

Hannah Gadsby is a member of the lgbtq community and has autism. Gadsby discusses among other things her sexuality, her experience being on the autism spectrum, sexism, and many other timely relevant topics.

Notable parts include her riff on “boys will be boys” and the story about how autism affected her learning to the point of exasperating teachers with questions like “Can I eat the box?” which had nothing to do with the lesson. She doesn’t hold back on subjects that might make some people uncomfortable but the way in which she discusses things has you in stitches either way your opinion might go. She knows the world she lives in and tries to appeal to the audience at large.

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