What I’m Reading: The Kings of Lindwood Academy

The Kings of Lindwood Academy Series by author Callie Rose is a dark, sexy New Adult story. For ages 18+. It’s basically Gossip Girl the HBO edition where the teenagers can swear, hookup in explicit scenes, and it’s all tied together with a running murder mystery. It’s another high school bully trope, where the main members of the group go from torturing the new girl, Harlow, to protecting her after they witness a murder of one of their classmates together.

In the first book, Harlow moves into an upscale, Connecticut neighborhood with her Mom who just happens to be an “executive housekeeper” which is the books fancy way of saying maid. Harlow is hired on as her assistant, and together, the two live on property with the rich family. Harlow even attends the same, elite boarding school as their son, Lincoln, which causes conflict between the two of them.

Lincoln is used to watching maids come and go from his house—thanks to his fathers awful penchant for sleeping with them. He assumes that Harlow and her Mom have an expiration date, just like all of the others, and does whatever he can to make her life miserable. But after the two watch one of their classmates get mysteriously murdered, they are forced to rely on each other to figure out who did it.

I absolutely devoured the first two books in a day and have just started book three. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop. Completely, totally addictive.

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