What I’m Reading: Black Knight, by Rina Kent

Black Knight by Rina Kent is the fourth book in the Royal Elites Series which I’ve become obsessed with. It’s a steamy, dark, bully romance and completely addicting. Since Kimberly and Xander were first mentioned, I’ve eagerly anticipated their story. Kimberly was formally plus size, and struggles with weight issues, and a horrible mother who only amplifies that problem. Xander struggles with alcohol addiction and both are underlying issues resulting from family secrets and past traumas. Xander is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, as the school calls him and his group of popular friends that we’re first introduced to in Elsa and Aiden’s story, Deviant King. Each book follows a new couple, and their journey with their friends. What I liked about Kimberly’s story is that most people think being thin automatically makes everything better, and even though she had lost weight, she still struggled because of it and it didn’t mean that everything was perfect in her life the way its often portrayed in the media. She still had to deal with her past as a fat girl, and her health issues weren’t glossed over. The book does contain heavy topics, such as bulimia, suicide, and cutting. But for each hard thing Kimberly and Xander go through, it brings the frenemies closer together and I absolutely loved seeing their journey and can’t WAIT for the next book in the series.

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