What I’m Listening To: Still Alive by Alexz Johnson

If you are like me, you probably know Alexz Johnson from her days on Disney Channels So Weird or the CTV/ Teen Nick series Instant Star. Johnson debuted her singing skills as a teenager with the poppy “Dream About You” which premiered in the So Weird episode “Carnival”. Johnson would then go on to have several other songs on the supernatural, musically themed show as well as entire television show soundtracks for Instant Star.

What’s interesting about Johnson is that instead of taking the House of Mouse route, which she could have easily done, she decided on her own path. She’s always experimented musically, making sure her own sound is different than any of her television counterparts. She writes her own songs, and in each album, her personality shines.

A serious artist, dedicated to her craft, and never putting out the same thing twice. Stand out tracks from Still Alive include the following:

Living Colour


Lost and Found

Running With the Devil

The whole album is a dreamy, indie pop thing that will have you humming along to the whole thing.

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